Knights of the Barleywine Bottle Release!

This year will be the inaugural bottle release of a cognac barrel aged version of Knights of the Barleywine! As part of our yearly event, Knights of the Barleywine, (Event information here) we hold back a portion of the wort and finish off an English Barleywine using the hops that we deem fit for the year’s bounty. We then barrel age it in the barrels that we feel are right for the beer. 2012’s lot was aged in cognac barrels… for 2013’s we’ll have to wait and see. There is a ton of barrel character in 2012’s version. So, be ready for a cognac barrel in yo mouth!

There will be a limited amount of bottles available and they will go on sale at 1pm at The Wetlands on Saturday, December 28th. Bottle price will be $15/bottle and there will be a one case limit.

Full beer information is here:


Knights of the Barleywine

Barrel Aged English Barleywine

Deep in the Florida Swamps lies a setting that few would brave.Reeking of bubbling wort and lewd conversation, riddled with darkness and absurdity, this convention takes place just before the dawn of each new year.
We speak of the annual meeting of the Knights of the Barleywine, where legendary folk of all shapes come together to brew their yearly bounty, a high gravity beast of a barleywine.
Here we give you a window into the experience of being knighted; a barrel aged barleywine that will challenge you with upfront flavors of malt sweetness and cognac, followed by a velvety soft mouthfeel and a smooth, warming finish.


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