Football Friday: Every Friday night before a Gator home game.

Whether you bleed Orange and Blue or are heading to Gainesvegas to watch your beloved college football team play in the swamp, you probably like drinking beer all weekend long to celebrate whatever game might be taking place. Why wouldn’t you?

FF_event_banner 11-08

From 4pm to 9pm on every Friday before a Gator home game we will be partying at Swamp Head… and we will be partying big with DJs and Food Trucks and… BEER!  We will have multiple pouring stations featuring the Swamp Head regs, Swamp Head limited beers and a bunch of beer from around our glorious state of Florida.

What you need to know about the event(s):

  • Not a single person under 21 will be permitted to enter our establishment during this event.
  • Event admission is free.
  • Beer prices will start at $4 for our year round beers and go up from there.
  • Music will be provided by one of a few different local DJs that will jam tunes of the booty shakin’ variety. Please leave your boom boxes at home.
  • This year we will have a different food truck each week.
  • Food Truck for 11/8 is Gotta Have It
  • 11/22 is Smokehouse BBQ
  • 11/29 is Humble Pie Mobile Pizza Oven
  • There will be multiple pouring stations that will feature different beers at each. Feel free to avoid the inside bar by purchasing your beer outside. OUTSIDE POURING STATIONS WILL BE CASH ONLY!
  • Everything else will be just a normal, fun Swamp Head Friday night… come hang out and have a beer!

Taplists for the event:

Inside the Tasting Room:

  • Wild Night
  • Cottonmouth
  • Stump Knocker
  • Big Nose
  • TBD

Outside Pouring Station: (CASH ONLY)

  • Wild Night
  • Cottonmouth
  • Stump Knocker
  • Midnight Oil
  • Big Nose
  • TBD


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